Welcome to Optimal Business Performance Support Solutions Inc (OBPSS). We are a business support services company for entrepreneurs who want to quickly scale up and take their businesses to the next level.

I hate waste and inefficiency of resources; especially when demonstrated by organisations or people performing below their potential. My wish is for them to practise continuous improvement and strive towards excellence.

I am from the Caribbean, and make no apologies when I say that it is truly a Paradise on Earth with people who are capable of being world beaters yet we suffer from chronically low productivity, low growth, low income levels and poor leadership in both our business and political arenas.  I could never understand how this Region, who gave the World so many world-class sports-persons such as Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Price in athletics or Sir Garfield Sobers and Chris Gayle in cricket; often languish at or near the bottom in business having a few world class companies.

Far too often the following scenario would play out – an excellent business idea, a startup is formed, it starts doing well but eventually hits a wall and either stays small or die. It was difficult to understand why our local and  regional businesses were not going to the next level and why we were unable to replicate this world beater spirit in commerce.

In conversation with entrepreneurs I realised that contrary to popular opinion, our problem was less about access to capital (although very important) but more about the lack of correct mindsets, systems and processes to help us GROW.

If we were going to replicate the success of our sports-persons in the business arena we would have to change our perception of “business” and ensure that entrepreneurs understand the need to establish correct systems and processes for growth; early in the life of the business.

We cannot wait until “later when we have money” or when we are no longer small to hire persons and implement the proper systems. The bad habits would have already been formed and habits once formed are hard to break. In addition, we have to accept that proper systems and processes are for ALL businesses of every size and not just for big business. These activities could be as simple as preparing a budget or extracting timely Financial Statements to properly assess business performance, make correct business decisions, secure debt or equity for growth and expansion.

Our research showed that entrepreneurs are usually desirous of wanting these systems but are often unable to access them at a rate they can afford.

OBPSS was born out of my belief that every business should be able to secure high quality business support services at an affordable price and that size or income should never be a deterrent to accessing these quality support services.

OBPSS’ Vision is to see every business having access to high quality support services at affordable rates. This drives by our Mission which is to use the power of technology, innovative partnering and staffing to offer high quality business support services at affordable rates.

If what I am saying resonates with you; and if you or an entrepreneur you know, believe that you can and want to achieve more but at this time you just cannot afford to hire top quality staff and want a business support services company to help you realise your dreams then reach out to us at contactus@obpss.com.

Let us customise an affordable package of business support services just for you. We are here to help you minimise the waste and efficiency and get you where you want to go much faster.

My team and I are standing by to assist.

All the Best,

Karlene Gordon
Founder/Chief Performance Enhancement Specialist